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Roby ®

Born in Bad Pyrmont, Germany, recording artist, composer, musician and vocalist Roby ® has been interested in music since the age of six.

• 1988 he founded his first Pop-Rock group PAPY BAND (1988-1990) who recorded their first album which was never officially released.

• 1990 he founded his first Hip Hop Band SOUND CONTROL (1990-1994) which released a couple of singles and won a few prizes at Hip Hop & Dance championships in FR Yugoslavia.

• 1995 he was one of the founding members of the famous Serbian Hip Hop Band DING DONG, which released 3 studio albums:

“Nema problema” (Label ITMM), “South Side” (Label CENTROSCENA) which produced the hit single “Ćelav sam pa šta!?” (I am bald so what) and “Skroz” (Label CITY RECORDS) which produced the hit single
“Oš Koš Loš Još”

DING DONG made more than 20 videos and is currently on hiatus. From time to time they reunite to jam, write and record demos.

In addition to his work with DING DONG, Roby ® has recorded, collaborated and released dozens of singles with other artists including:
• 2012 DEEP CRIMINAL and BABYSITTERS “Weekend Starts Tonight” (executive video producer)
• 2014 DEEP CRIMINAL “First Love” (executive video producer)

• 2014 ROBY ® began working as an independent House Music producer and in February 2015 released his first solo project a remix of DING DONGs “Oš Koš Loš Još” for record label KONDUKTER.
In addition to his solo work and music projects with different artists, ROBY ® collaborates with Paris and Los Angeles based singer/songwriter AngeliqueMusic and their first single and video “Dance Now” drops worldwide July 13th on Kondukter Records.